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Providing Outstanding Water Restoration Services In Northern Virginia

   We have been providing homeowners and commercial businesses alike with top notch water damage restoration services in Northern Virginia for well over 30 years.  We offer all of our clients in Northern VA a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee on our water damage restoration Northern Virginia services.  

When life happens and you need help drying out the structure of your home as well as your carpeting, oriental rugs, upholstery, and flooring you can depend on the professionals at Everette Carpet Care & Restoration to help you. 

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Helping clients with commercial and residential water damage restoration & cleanup in Northern Virginia is our specialty. Remember, our team members are always ready to help you, so check out our website to learn how to prevent water damages from occurring in your home. Connect with us to schedule your appointment and receive 10% OFF if you book online now. Most people that have discovered our page found us by using Google search terms like water restoration services, water damage restoration northern va, water damage alexandria va, water damage restoration culpeper va, water damage restoration fredericksburg va.

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Welcome To Everette Carpet Care & Restoration

Water Damage Northern VA / Water Damage Alexandria VA

Many of our clients in Nothern VA and Alexandria VA have needed to use our water damage restoration services to get their homes back in order after a flood or a natural disaster has occurred. We also offer 24hr water damage restoration services for clients in Alexandria VA & Northern  VA. Our work is backed by a 30-day money back guarantee and we 

pride ourselves on excellent customer service and going above and beyond our customer’s expectations. Our best google search terms on google are water restoration services, water damage restoration northern va, water damage alexandria va, water damage restoration culpeper va, water damage restoration fredericksburg va. 

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If you’re looking for water damage restoration services in Northern Virginia, it’s essential to act quickly to minimize further damage. Here are some general steps you can take and recommendations:

  1. Check Out the Scene: First things first, figure out where that water is coming from and see if you can put a stop to it. If it’s a burst pipe, hit the brakes by turning off the water supply. Got a leaky roof? Grab some buckets and strategically place them to catch that rain. Easy peasy!

  2. Ensure Safety: Be cautious of electrical hazards. If water has come into contact with electrical outlets or appliances, turn off the power to the affected areas.

  3. Remove Water: Use mops, towels, or a wet/dry vacuum to remove as much water as possible. The sooner you can extract the water, the better.

  4. Ventilation: Open windows and doors to promote air circulation and speed up the drying process.

Water Damage Mitigation  

  1. Remove Wet Items: Remove wet carpets, furniture, and other items from the affected area. This helps prevent further damage and accelerates the drying process.

  2. Record the Damage: Utilize photos or videos to document the extent of the damage, serving as essential evidence for insurance purposes. This comprehensive documentation proves invaluable when initiating the claims process.

  3. Call a Professional Water Restoration Service: Consider hiring a professional water damage restoration company in Northern Virginia. These professionals have the expertise and equipment to thoroughly dry and restore your property.

  4. Insurance Claim: Contact your insurance company as soon as possible to report the damage and begin the claims process.

  5. Mold Prevention: Mold can start growing within 24-48 hours of water damage. Make sure that the affected area is very dry to prevent the growth of mold. Professionals may use dehumidifiers and specialized equipment for this purpose.

  6. Repair and Restoration: Once the area is thoroughly dried, the restoration process can begin. This may involve repairing or replacing damaged walls, flooring, and other structures.

For specific water damage restoration services in Northern Virginia, you can search online directories, ask for recommendations from friends or neighbors, or contact Everette Carpet Care & Restoration to choose a reputable and experienced restoration company to ensure thorough and effective restoration of your home.  Call Now (877) 783-3606

Welcome To Everette Carpet Care & Restoration

Water Damage Restoration Culpeper VA
& Water Damage Restoration Fredericksburg VA

      We are your local water damage restoration company servicing Culpeper, Fredericksburg, and surrounding areas. Our trained and highly skilled staff are available 24/7 to help with your water damage restoration problems. Many homeowners have had water leaks and major flooding in Culpeper VA as well as Fredericksburg VA. Fortunately, we were there to provide them with the best Water Damage Restoration services available. 

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Knowing the most important things to do when disaster strike is our job. Whether it’s Water Damage Restoration or mold remediation, we’re the go-to team to ensure the job is done right from the get-go. Dial now at (877) 783-3606.

Numerous factors can lead to water damage in your property, such as broken pipes, leaking roofs, overflowing toilets, and heavy rains. When you come across water issues, addressing the source of the leak, fixing it, and thoroughly drying the affected area often prove effective.

Water Damage Cleanup


However, properties experiencing extensive water damage, sewage backups, or persistent water issues may necessitate a more comprehensive water damage restoration approach to effectively resolve the issue.

No matter which situation you find yourself dealing with, Everette Carpet Care & Restorations has highly qualified technicians that will guide you through the process and answers all of your questions.

Our certified technicians will come out to your home in Fredericksburg VA, Culpeper VA, and immediately start with the mitigation and drying process, which slows down or stops any further damage in your home from occurring.

In instances where more extensive repairs are required, we formulate a personalized plan to restore your home, ensuring it regains its comfort and familiarity. Discover our services on Google by searching for water restoration services, water damage restoration in Northern VA, water damage in Alexandria VA, water damage restoration in Culpeper VA, and water damage restoration in Fredericksburg VA.

For prompt assistance, give us a call now at (877) 783-3606.

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Water Restoration Services In Northern Virginia

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