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Installing carpet is a totally achievable job for the homeowner or any DIY-er for that matter. But who has the time & strength to do it. At Everette Carpet Care & Restoration, we take pride in delivering a fully satisfying carpet installation experience for our clients

On our initial visit, we bring you samples and take measurements to ensure that your carpet installation is what you’ll dreamed it to be. The next visit, with carpet in tow, we remove your existing carpet and padding to prepare the area(s) for new installation. Then to ensure proper installlation, padding is cut and placed to fit. The measured carpet is then laid into the area, properly stretched, and attached to the tack strips that surround the perimeter of the room(s).

We use a power stretcher to ensure proper installation. Failure to use the power stretcher most definitely promotes wrinkles or buckling to appear in your carpet in the future. Carpet kickers are used in conjunction with the power stretcher and not stand alone. We install all carpeting according to the Carpet and Rug Industry (CRI) installation standards.

During and after your carpet installation, we highly suggest running the ventilation system at a normal temperature or opening a window for adequate air flow for approximately 48 – 72 hours. Your new carpet may initially have an odor. This is normal, but for the highly sensitive individual, it may be a little overwhelming. The smell will dissipate over time with adequate air flow. Keywords you can put in google to find us online: carpet installation maryland, carpet installation frederick md, carpet laying, affordable carpet installation near me, carpet installation cost.

You can rest assured that Everette Carpet Care will install your carpet beautifully.

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Welcome To Everette Carpet Care & Restoration

Carpet Installation Maryland

Carpet installation in Maryland brings a touch of comfort and sophistication to homes and businesses alike. Whether you’re revamping your living space or upgrading your office, proper preparation is key to a seamless installation process.

Start by selecting the perfect carpet for your needs, considering factors like room function and traffic levels. Clear the installation space by removing furniture, electronics, and personal items, allowing installers the space they need to work efficiently. Empty closets and cabinets to ensure every corner is accessible.

Before installers arrive, vacuum and clean the existing flooring, creating a clean canvas for the new carpet. Inspect the subfloor for any issues, addressing unevenness or damage beforehand. Notify installers of any unique features in the space, like stairs or tight corners.

On installation day, secure pets in a comfortable area away from the work site, and coordinate access for multi-unit buildings. Adequate ventilation is crucial for the drying process, so consider opening windows if weather permits.

By following these steps, Maryland residents can look forward to enjoying a luxurious and well-installed carpet that enhances the beauty and functionality of their living or working spaces.


Preparing for a carpet installation in Maryland involves several steps to ensure a smooth and efficient process. Whether you’re getting new carpeting for a residential or commercial space, here’s a guide to help you prepare:

1. Clear the Room:
  • Remove all furniture, decor, and personal items from the room where the carpet installation will take place. Clearing the space allows installers to work efficiently and ensures the entire floor is accessible.
2. Detach Electronics:
  • Disconnect and remove electronics, wiring, and any items connected to the floor. This includes items like TVs, computers, and entertainment systems.
3. Empty Closets and Cabinets:
  • Clear out closets and cabinets in the installation area. This ensures that installers can reach all corners of the room without obstacles.
4. Preventive Cleaning:
  • Vacuum and clean the existing flooring thoroughly. A clean surface allows for a smoother installation process and helps maintain the cleanliness of the new carpet.
5. Address Subfloor Issues:
  • Inspect the subfloor for any issues such as unevenness, damage, or squeaks. If there are concerns, discuss them with the carpet installation professionals in advance.
6. Notify Installers of Obstacles:
  • Inform the installers about any potential obstacles or challenges in the installation area. This includes the presence of stairs, tight spaces, or unique architectural features.
7. Secure Pets:
  • Keep pets in a secure and comfortable area away from the installation site. This prevents interference with the installation process and ensures the safety of both pets and installers.
8. Coordinate Access:
  • If the carpet installation is in a multi-unit building or commercial space, coordinate access with building management or relevant authorities to ensure a smooth process.
9. Plan for Ventilation:
  • Ensure proper ventilation in the installation area. If the weather allows, you may want to open windows to facilitate air circulation during and after the installation.
10. Be Available for Questions:
  • Be available on the day of installation to answer any questions the installers may have. Clear communication helps resolve any issues promptly.
11. Clear Pathways:
Ensure clear pathways from the entrance to the installation area. This helps installers bring in equipment and materials without any hindrances.
12. Review Warranty Information:

Familiarize yourself with the warranty information provided by the carpet manufacturer and the installation company. This ensures you understand the terms and conditions for coverage.


By following these preparation steps, you contribute to a successful carpet installation experience. Additionally, consult with the chosen carpet installation company for any specific guidelines or recommendations tailored to your project.

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