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Welcome To Everette Carpet Care & Restoration

Everette Carpet Care Award as Best Commercial Carpet Cleaner
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What We Offer Our Clients

We are a carpet cleaning company that offers all of our clients a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee! Everette Carpet prioritizes this approach because we understand the significance of making a memorable first impression. Our belief is that the most effective way to achieve this is by allowing our craftsmanship to speak for itself. 

Our Guarantees: 30 Day Guarantee on professional carpet cleaning services. Additionally, we offer a Lifetime Warranty on carpet repairs, re-stretching, and carpet installation.

When life happens and you need help maintaining the life and beauty of your carpet, oriental rugs, upholstery and flooring you can depend on the professionals at Everette Carpet Care & Restoration to help you. We provide commercial and residential cleaning services as well as water damage restoration & cleanup in Northern, VA, Washington, DC, & Maryland. 

Our Team Members

Keep in mind, our dedicated team members are here to assist you at all times. Take a moment to explore our website and discover the profound connection between clean carpets and a healthier you. We’re eager to help you make the best decisions for creating a healthier home environment for your family. Connect with us to schedule your appointment by              Calling (877) 783-3606.

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If you book-online you can save money by clicking on the blue book-online button and schedule your carpet cleaning, carpet repair, or water damage restoration service. Find us online by searching google for water damage, carpet water damage cleanup near me, absolute carpet care, carpet fix near me, and carpet repair.

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repairing and installing a carpet

Carpet Repair & Carpet Installation In Northern Virginia, DC, & Maryland

Welcome To Everette Carpet Care & Restoration

Carpet Repair

We can take care of a wide variety of problems related to carpet repair. Such as, burn marks, carpet stretching, cigarette burns, carpet seaming, bleach-stained carpet, and dog scratched carpet as depicted in the before and after pictures below Give us a call to ask questions or receive a free estimate.   No matter if the carpet repair or carpet replacement job is small or large the professionals at Everette Carpet Care & Restoration can handle it for you.

Carpet Installation

We are one of the only carpet installation service providers that offers a lifetime WARRANTY on all carpet installation and replacement jobs that we do. After we install your carpet, if you ever notice waves or wrinkles in your carpet we will come back and fix it at no charge you. It could be more than 10 years after we installed your carpeting, and we will come back for FREE if there is a problem! We don’t think that even Home Depot, Lowe’s, or Empire can give you a better deal. 

We are an award-winning professional carpet repair & installation company, that is ethical, has tons of real client reviews, and have been serving your local community for more than 30 years. At Everette Carpet Care & Restoration we totally assume all of the risk of you doing business with us. This is why we Now Offer a Lifetime Warranty on all carpet replacement and carpet repair jobs that we do in DC, Northern Virginia, and Maryland. 


Money Back Guarantee

Policy to ensure you are 100% satisfied with our service. If for any reason you are not happy with   the way your carpet patch or Carpet stretch job looks we’ll do it again For Free. If you’re still not satisfied we’ll Give You Your Money Back (you can’t lose). Look us up on google by typing in the search bar carpet clean company, water damage, carpet water damage cleanup near me, absolute carpet care, carpet fix near me.
Welcome To Everette Carpet Care & Restoration

Water Damage Repair & Restoration In Northern Virginia D.C. & Maryland!

 We are your local Water Damage Repair &         Restoration company servicing Northern VA, DC, & MD. Our     trained and highly skilled staff are available 24/7. Many homeowners have had water leaks and major flooding in Northern VA, DC, & MD. Fortunately, we were there to provide them with the best cleaning and Water Damage Restoration services available. 

water damage repair & restoration services in DC/MD/VA

Knowing the most important things to do when disaster strike is our job. whether you need Water Damage Restoration service or mold remediation we are the company that you should call to get the job done right the first time. There are so many possible causes of water damage in your property. Broken pipes, leaking roofs, overflowing toilets, and heavy rains are the most common causes of water damage. Many times, when you discover water on your property, having the knowledge to fix or stop the source of the leak and thoroughly drying out the affected area of your home will solve the problem.

Water Damage Mitigation 

On the other hand, homes that have been significantly affected with higher levels of water damage, sewage backups, and continuous water damage issues may require a more comprehensive water damage restoration strategy to solve the issue. No matter which situation you find yourself dealing with, Everette Carpet Care & Restorations has highly qualified technicians that will guide you through the process and answers all of your questions.

Our certified technicians will come out to your home and immediately start with the mitigation and drying process, which slows down or stops any further damage in your home from occurring. If more extensive repairs are necessary, we will put together a custom plan to get your house back in order and make it feel like your home again. To find us on google by using these terms; carpet cleaning company, water damage, carpet water damage cleanup near me, absolute carpet care, carpet fix near me, and water damage repair.

professional carpet cleaning in DC/VA/MD
Welcome To Everette Carpet Care & Restoration

Carpet Cleaning Company, Oriental Rug Cleaning, Carpet Repair in VA, DC, & MD

Carpet Cleaning

We believe you should be educated about the best ways to keep your carpet & oriental rugs looking, feeling, and smelling fresh.  Regular professional carpet cleaning is very important to maintain life and beauty of the carpeting in your home. Your carpet should be cleaned every six months to maintain a healthy home and clean environment. 

Oriental Rugs Cleaning & Repair

 When it comes to the meticulous care of oriental rugs, Everette Carpet Care & Restoration is your one-stop solution. Our comprehensive services encompass a wide array of tasks, ensuring that your cherished rugs receive the attention they deserve. From intricate fringe repair and replacement to skillful rug re-binding, we go the extra mile to preserve the beauty and integrity of your oriental rugs.

At Everette, we understand that oriental rugs can face various challenges, such as pet damage or wear and tear caused by children. That’s why our team of experts is well-equipped to address these specific issues with precision and care. Whether your rug requires patching of holes resulting from moth damage or specialized treatment for stains, we have the expertise to revive and restore your oriental rugs to their former glory.

Trust Everette Carpet Care & Restoration for unparalleled proficiency in oriental rug cleaning, ensuring that each rug receives tailored attention and expertise. Your satisfaction and the longevity of your treasured oriental rugs are our top priorities.


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  1. Bait & Switch: So many carpet cleaners advertise super-low prices hoping you call them for service – that’s the bait! Once they arrive, well they switch! We offer our Free Healthy Home Assessment Audit, A FREE Cleaning and an up front hand written quote. This allows you to make an informed and educated decision on whether to use us or not.
  2. Waste Your Time: Have you ever had to wait all day for a service company? Like your time is not valuable? We offer 2 hour time frames for appointments, no waiting all day, allowing you to schedule your day around us.

We charge by the square footage and you’ll soon discovered that you will pay a lot less in most cases because you only pay for the areas that you have cleaned. For example, if you wanted your bedroom steam cleaned but you did not want the bed, dresser, and night-stand moved. Then you wouldn’t pay for the carpeted areas underneath those items. You would only pay for the exposed areas of carpet to be cleaned if you choose. On the other hand, some cleaning companies charge a flat rate per room (as high as $99 per room). This is simply unfair because even if they don’t clean the whole bedroom you still pay for the whole bedroom to be cleaned.

2 Fantastic, Free Reasons To Call Right Now:


FREE OFFER #1. Get your favorite sofa cleaned Absolutely Free when you schedule a Whole House gold or platinum cleaning package ($139.00 Value)

FREE OFFER #2. Get a Free Bottle of Carpet Stain Remover when you schedule a Whole House silver cleaning package ($12.50 Value)

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Read Washington Post Article About Our Carpet Repair & Cleaning Service Click Below
Dog dug a hole in the carpet?
You can fix it. – The Washington Post


Get A Free Room of Carpet Cleaning (up to 150sqft)


If you want some low budget, kick the dirt around, cheap, and unethical carpet cleaner to take care of one of the most valuable assets in your home (your carpets), be my guest. On the other hand, if you want your carpets maintained and cleaned by an award-winning professional carpet cleaning company, that is ethical, has tons of real client reviews, and have been serving your community for more than 30 years, please click on the FREE ROOM of carpet cleaning and fill out the form to take a free test drive of our services. At Everette Carpet Care & Restoration we totally assume all of the risk of you doing business with us. This is why we offer a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee to ensure you are 100% satisfied with our service. If for any reason you are not happy with our cleaning service, we’ll re-clean the problem area for free. If you’re still not satisfied, we’ll Give You Your Money Back (you can’t lose). 


We believe you should be educated about the best ways to keep your carpet & upholstery looking, feeling, and smelling fresh. You should also know how to prevent wrinkles from developing in your carpet and how to remove spots safely from your carpet without damaging it. That’s why we developed our client learning Center. It’s here as a resource to make sure your upholstery, tile, carpet, and fine fabrics last for a very long time. We have been servicing residents of Northern VA, Washington DC, & Maryland for more than 30 years. With such a large population to service we have been very busy in Northern Virginia, Washington DC, & Maryland satisfying one client at a time. Over the years, we’ve discovered that most of the clients that hire us to do carpet cleaning or carpet repairs (burn marks, dog ripped carpet) in DC, MD, & VA are hardworking and really appreciate our attention to detail when cleaning or repairing their rugs and carpet. 

Most of Our Service Areas

We cover Northern Virginia (and surrounding areas), DC, Maryland, including the following cities: Fairfax VA, Reston, Accokeek MD, Alexandria, Stafford, Fredericksburg, & Georgetown DC just to name a few. Our goal is to help you take care of all of your primary carpet, tile, and upholstery cleaning needs. All of our technicians are certified by The National Institute of Carpet Cleaning for water damage restoration, carpet cleaning, carpet repair (cigarette burns / carpet stretching), odor control, and furniture cleaning. We have built a solid reputation for going above and beyond the call duty. 

Why You Should Choose Us

Reasons to Choose Us

Qualified Experts
money back guarantee
Affordable Prices
100+ happy client
Special Offers
Don’t hesitate, contact us for help and services.
Everette Carpet Cleaning Client Pictures
Everette Carpet Client Stories In Northern Virginia.
We Tell All Positive Stories About Our Clients

Happy Client Reviews

  1. Barbara had us come out to her home on 7/11/23 to give her an estimate for a sectional sofa cleaning and scotch gard treatment. We gave her the quote but unfortunately, we did not get the job. Maybe next time. location: 5814 Post Corners Trail Centreville, Virginia
  2. Chris needed padding replaced and the carpet reinstalled due to a prior water damage in his basement. We gave the quote and he declined the carpet repair cost at that time. Location: 25424 Jubilant Dr Aldie VA 20105.
  3. Christine requested carpet cleaning for her home. We gave it to her on 6/8/23 and she had 30 days to decide. Location: 5202 Nanticoke Ct, Centreville, VA 20120
  4. Kimberly called us to get the carpets in her home stretched and steam cleaned on 9/2/23. She received the quote and we held the estimate for 30 days. Location: 12101 Edmund Saul Ct Nokesville, VA 20181.
  5. Valentina got an estimate for an oriental rug cleaning & repair (fringes), patch a hole that was in the carpet, and carpet cleaning. We gave her an estimate. Location: 4838 Virginia Street Alexandria, Virginia 22312.
  6. Albert and Amy wanted to find out how much it would cost to have carpet cleaning done in their basement and some minor carpet repairs. We gladly gave them a 30-day quote. Location: 6312 Highmeadow Place Warrenton, VA 20187.
Everette Carpet Care Client Reviews in Maryland

Happy Client Reviews

 Pandora P: (Carpet Cleaning Fort Washington, MD) Before I called Everette Carpet, I had Stanley Steemer come out and give me an estimate to clean my carpets. The estimate was extremely high, so I call Everette Carpet Cleaning. They responded quickly, did an awesome job, and the price was right. Thanks

 Anthony F: (Water Damage Restoration Upper Marlboro, MD) They showed up on time and the service was Great!!!!


carpet cleaning, carpet repair, & water damage restoration in maryland

Our Entire Service Area Includes All Areas List Below

Northern Virginia

Washington DC

George Town, Forest Hill, Hawthorne, West End, PetWorth, Park View, Logan Circle, Kent, Shaw, Spring Valley, Wakefield, 


   (Prince George County) Lanham, Largo, Laurel, Aquasco, Boden, Berwyn Heights, Bowie, Brandywine, Block Hall, Calverton, Camp springs, Clinton, Colmar Manor, Fairwood, Fort washington, Friendly, Glen Dale, Kettering, Konterra, Marlton, Mellwood, Mitchelville, Queen Anne, Rosaryville, Springdale, Upper Marlboro, University Park, West Laurel, Westphalia, woodlawn, woodmore, Accokeek   

(Montgomery County) Potomac, Ashton Sandy Spring, Aspen Hill, Bethesda, Butonsville, Chevy Chase, Clarksburg, Cloverly, Colesville, Damascus, Darnestown, Four Corners, Gaithersburg, Germantown, Glenmont, Kemp Mill, Layhill, Montgomery Village, N. Bethesda, N. Kensington, N. potomac, Olney, Poolesville, Redland, Rockville, S. Kensington, Wheaton

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